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Whether your main business goal is to fund your retirement, build an investment portfolio, or finance family commitments, the chances are that everything you’ve worked for is tied up in your business. 

More than 100 UK firms change hands every week, but thousands more businesses on the market never sell. Therefore, the decision on when and how to sell all or part of your business needs your attention right now – even if your planned ‘exit’ is some way off.

But where do you start? You could spend your evenings or weekends sifting through the torrent of online advice. Or you can save time by learning the basics of the business sale process at our educational masterclass. 

Why attend

In just 180 minutes, we will take you through every step of your business sale journey – from when to prepare to how to work through an earnout period. Specifically, you will learn: 

  • The right and wrong time to sell a business
  • How to prepare your business for sale
  • How to let the right people know you’re on the market
  • Where to find the best buyers
  • The serious problem with traditional valuation methods
  • The eight critical issues that are usually neglected
  • How long it takes to sell and key milestones

In our 30 years in business, thousands of entrepreneurs and shareholders have attended this event to learn how to boost their chances of selling while also maximising the value of the company. 

As Marc Noel, who sold Impress Sensors said: “Much of what was said at the BCMS Masterclass played out for us. We had competition, multiple offers, and uplift on the price. We knew if the best offer fell through, that we still had a plan B and plan C.”

Who’s running this? 

Dave Rebbettes, Founding Director of BCMS

Using simple concepts and principles, BCMS has developed the most disruptive business sale process in our industry to ensure vendor shareholders get maximum value and the right deal for their business when the time comes to sell. Presented by BCMS Chairman and founding director Dave Rebbettes, the masterclass gives you tips and insights from more than 600 business sales completed by BCMS over the last decade alone.

Who should attend

  • Owner directors exploring the business sale process
  • Business owners looking to retire
  • Family firms who need help with succession
  • Co-shareholders with differing agendas
  • Entrepreneurs looking to get their business to the next level

What to do next

  • Book now to secure your place 
  • Can’t make it? Watch this 30-minute webinar in your own time to find out if your business is in shape to sell
  • For specific industry advice and a bespoke assessment of the saleability of your business, please get in touch to arrange a meeting with a senior business consultant. 

Event details

2 June 2020
09:00 - 13:00

To book your place, please complete our booking form or simply call us on 0118 207 9800.

Venue details

Crewe Hall

Crewe Hall
Weston Rd, Haslington, Crewe CW1 6UZ
Crewe Hall, Crewe