BCMS Mythbusters: Why rival buyers are the key to maximum value and choice

Why rival buyers are the key to maximum value and choice

How will you know you have got the best deal?

Any business can be a target for acquisition. The trick is making sure you get the best possible deal. Negotiating with just one buyer may be the most expensive mistake you make.

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When making the very important decision to sell a business you have created and grown, it’s important to be sure you have achieved the best possible deal, that you are duly rewarded for the energy and time you have committed, the risks you have taken and the sacrifices you have made.


  • The secrets behind getting the best deal
  • How multiple bids are attracted
  • What it’s like to meet with multiple bidders
  • How to choose between multiple offers

This webinar features an entrepreneur who's inspirational initiative earned him an MBE! Gordon McQuilton MBE, founder, Specialised Orthotic Services. Starting out with £300 in his garden shed near Derby, Gordon built Specialised Orthotic Services into a market-leader in customised seating for the disabled. He sold to Drive Medical in 2013, and after a three-year handover to the new acquirer, he is now getting ready to retire.

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Having a choice of acquirers can make a big difference. Hear Gordon McQuilton MBE's inspiring story in this free on-demand webinar for business owners.