BCMS Mythbusters: How to prepare for an unexpected offer on your business

How to prepare for an unexpected offer on your business

'How would you react if someone asked to buy your business?'

In the UK, where more than 9000 businesses change hands every year, unsolicited offers from acquisitive organisations are on the rise. And whether your firm is for sale or not, you need to be prepared.

To provide advice and insights to business owners, BCMS joined forces with Rathbones and successful business owners for a one-off expert panel event in London.

We filmed the whole session, and it’s now available on-demand as an essential two-part webinar, supplemented with exclusive resources and downloads, including the white paper How to handle an offer for your business.

In part one, the panel introduce themselves and offer key insights from their experiences to questions from the audience such as,

  • What does it feel like to sell? What kind of experience is it?
  • How do you galvanise international interest in businesses for sale?
  • To whom should you sell if you have multiple offers on the table?
  • What are the catalysts that bring you from considering the sale of a business to taking the plunge?

In part two we pick up where we left off as the panel delve deeper into their experiences, offering key tips and advice for business owners, answering questions from the audience such as;

  • How do you manage confidentiality and due diligence across multiple offers?
  • What kind of things can business owners do to de-risk a business for acquirers?
  • Which are the key financial issues business owners should consider ahead of any sale?
  • What are business owners on the panel doing now they have sold?

On the panel: 

  • Jonathan Dunn, Managing Director of BCMS’ Major Transactions Group, is a seasoned corporate financier with 20 years’ experience in the field of mergers and acquisitions

  • Deborah Richards, a former director of Rail Estates at Network Rail, Deborah Richards sold her company, Travel Point Trading – which manages the commercial portfolio of key rail stations across the UK – to Amey plc.

  • Gaius Jones, Head of Financial Planning at Rathbones, is a chartered financial planner with more than 25 years of experience with clients and their professional advisors at senior level

  • John Ward, a founder of Fasteq, a manufacturer, and supplier of aerospace & defence components. John is a serial entrepreneur who sold his business to Haas Group International

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You could receive an unsolicited offer from an acquirer at any time. Learn how to respond to such an offer in this on-demand webinar.