BCMS Mythbusters: How to Find the Right Buyers for Niche Businesses

How to Find the Right Buyers for Niche Businesses

‘I'm really specialist, who is going to want to buy my business?’

Many entrepreneurs find a specific niche to fill when starting a business, but some are concerned that will be a problem when selling.

The reality is, a specialist business is often exactly what acquirers are looking for. There is a ready audience of acquirers who would be interested if you know where to look!

There are many reasons an acquirer would be interested in your business, but do you know how to identify them? How far and wide should you look for an acquirer and how is it all possible? How can you find the time, resource and expertise to find the right buyer?

In this half-hour webinar, you will learn the experiences of former niche business owners, father and daughter team Hugh Graham and Fiona Roberts, who have successfully sold their blood testing kit business Inverclyde Biological and moved on to their next ventures. With additional input from leading business sale advisor BCMS.

In just half an hour discover;

  • How to find a buyer for a niche business
  • Why a knowledgeable research team make all the difference
  • The importance of understanding acquirer needs
  • How to turn ‘niche’ into ‘cash’

Hear from:

  • Fiona Roberts & Hugh Graham, former shareholders, Inverclyde Biological. Father and daughter team who started and then sold blood diagnostic equipment supplier Inverclyde Biologicals, with Fiona running the business and Hugh in charge of product development. The business was acquired by Source Bioscience PLC in 2014, and post-exit are now avid currency traders.
  • Jonathan Dunn, Managing Director of BCMS Major Transactions Group. Jonathan is a seasoned Corporate Financier, having worked in M&A for over 20 years. A qualified Chartered Accountant, he started his career at BDO Stoy Hayward, and moved to Ernst & Young in the late 1990s. Jonathan joined BCMS in 2010 to lead the Major Transactions Group, responsible for large company sales, he now leads a specialist team advising on a wide range of deal types.


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Find out how BCMS found multiple potential buyers for this specialist medical business in this on-demand webinar