Client Interviews

Selling a business is a personal as well as commercial decision, and behind every successful M&A deal completion is a story. We aim to tailor each transaction to our clients' personal needs and aspirations, and just as every deal is unique, so every single business sale story is different.

The following client video interviews and testimonials bring the acclaimed BCMS process to life, and demonstrate the power of a business sale to change your business and your future for the better.

Like you, perhaps, these former BCMS clients started their business sale journey with an online search, exploratory phone call or by attending a BCMS business owners event. What they have to say may help you as you plan your next steps.

June 2017
Marc Noel
Impress Sensors Marc Noel
June 2017
Jon Neill
Sportsafe UK Jon Neill
May 2017
Tom Woodard of Show Data Systems
Show Data Systems Tom Woodard
May 2017
Paul and Hilary Cole of Personal Homefinders
Personal Homefinders Paul and Hilary Cole
May 2017
Fran Henson of Bishopstrow College
Bishopstrow College Fran Henson
May 2017
Neil Needham of AutoWindshields UK
AutoWindshields UK Neil Needham
May 2017
Rob and Alisa of PCM Healthcare
PCM Healthcare Alisa and Rob Miller
May 2017
Andrew Sesemann
Cox Agri Andrew Sesemann
May 2017
Paul Daniels of T4 Media
T4 Media Paul Daniels
May 2017
Tony Jardine BCMS Fellows
Jardine International Tony Jardine
February 2017
Fiona Roberts of Inverclyde Biologicals
Inverclyde Biologicals Fiona Roberts
February 2017
Hugh Graham of Inverclyde Biologicals
Inverclyde Biologicals Hugh Graham