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Is your business unique? Can you prove it?

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In my experience, every business owner will tell you that their business is unique, ‘cutting-edge’, different from the rest.

And they are quite right to do so – you wouldn’t get very far in business by promoting the message that you are average, one of many or a bit behind the times. When it comes to selling a business, if everyone is saying the same thing, it becomes difficult to sort the genuine unique from the creative marketing spin. Unless, of course, you can prove it.

So when the Chief Engineer of Reading Buses says they want to “get the image of bus transport away from being dirty, smelly and slow; we’re modern, fast, and at the cutting edge of innovation,” you could be forgiven for being a little sceptical. Except for the fact that Reading Buses has just set a speed record for a regular service bus at 76.785mph – and not only that, but they did it in a bus fuelled by cow poo.

Yes, this black and white liveried bus runs on biomethane compressed natural gas and can normally be seen carrying passengers around the Reading area. It is now a little harder for people to argue that Reading Buses are not modern, fast, and at the cutting edge of innovation!

So if you are looking to stand-out from the crowd, don’t just tell everyone you are different – anyone can say that –  find a way to prove it.

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Posted May 2015
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