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You had the idea. Who takes it from here?

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For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, every business venture starts with a lightbulb moment. It’s a thrill you’ve probably felt yourself; that sense of realisation that your idea could transform how people do business. And that’s seriously exciting.

Our lightbulb moment came back in the ‘80s, when the Rebbettes family engaged a respected London accountant to sell our business. We had received a speculative offer for the company, which we were advised to accept. No attempt was made to source any other interest, improve the offer, or market the business any wider than that.

It felt wrong. We knew we could do better, and so we did – after some serious legwork, we eventually sold the business, for a value 40% higher than that original offer. On went the lightbulb. How many other owner-managed businesses would benefit from such an approach? How many other businesses were selling for less than their real market value?

Fast-forward 25 years, 24 offices, and 240 staff around the world, and BCMS – specialist advisor to privately owned businesses – has grown way beyond any of our expectations. But what I love about my job remains the same. As part of our seminar programme, I get to meet other business owners, running some exceptional businesses in a dizzying array of sectors. Their ingenuity, passion and commitment never fails to astonish me.

One thing I have learnt along the way is that every idea needs people to make it happen. In the beginning, that person is probably you. As your business grows, it becomes the people around you.  Over the past 25 years we have been lucky enough to employ some brilliant staff, who have taken that initial idea, developed it and refined it. We’ve trained and recruited experts in every field of deal-making, across five continents, and we now advise on more transactions that any other comparable advisor, anywhere.

If you’re looking to grow your business, change your focus, sell up, or start a new venture, my question is the same.  

You had the idea. Who takes it from here?

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Posted Mar 2015
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