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UK’s recessionary status rebuffed by activity in the M&A market

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The Office for National Statistics has indicated that the UK has returned to a recessionary status; however activity levels within the company sale and acquisition marketplace remain bullish, with many aquirers keenly eyeing UK businesses as potential strategic acquisitions.

To evidence this, since January 2012, BCMS Corporate has completed on 130% more deals compared with the same time period during 2011. Additionally, during March 2012, BCMS Corporate globally hosted 162 initial meetings between clients and prequalified potential acquirers, a 158% increase on March 2011 and similarly, the levels of initial offers submitted has also increased by 150%.

While the GDP figures make for compelling news, the UK PMI (Purchasing Managers Index) results still indicate that Britain is only slightly behind the USA in terms of international growth[1], based on a strong expansion Q.1 in manufacturing.

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Posted Apr 2012
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