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BCMS in Scotland

BCMS has helped sell more than 30 businesses in Scotland, from subsea equipment manufacturers to coffee machine importers. Here’s a snapshot of who bought who and why.    

An acquisition under the sea

Founded in Aberdeen in 2002, subsea surveillance manufacturer Sonavision’s range of sonar equipment, cameras, lights and wireless underwater communications is used by exploration contractors to assess the seabed for oil and gas production.

After completing a major change programme and developing new additional products, the founding shareholders decided they would need external backing for the next stage of international growth, and appointed BCMS to find a buyer.

In 2011, 100% of Sonavision was sold to Norwegian competitor Nortek. The Norwegians replaced the exiting directors by promoting one of Sonavision’s chief engineers to MD.

Today, the firm is still owned by Nortek, and has adapted some products for the commercial fishing industry.

Bellshill blood-test kits attracts UK buyer

Inverclyde Biologicals was set up by father and daughter team Hugh Graham and Fiona Roberts in 1983. After winning business supplying a national blood transfusion programme, Inverclyde expanded into tissue reagent products, and became a trusted NHS supplier.

In 2012, with Hugh approaching retirement, and Fiona looking for a lifestyle change, they appointed BCMS to find them a buyer. In May 2013, they sold to Source Biological of Nottingham.

Hugh stayed on for six months, Fiona for a year. Renamed Source Bio, the firm is still part of the same group today, while Hugh and Fiona have both taken up currency trading.

See what Hugh & Fiona have to say about their business-sale in this on-demand webinar How to Find the Right Buyers for Niche Businesses.

Chocolate brings Germans to Arbroath

Arbroath engineer Stuart Anderson decided to retire in 2012, and approached BCMS to sell two of his businesses – coffee machine maker Ladco, and chocolate-making machine maker McIntyre.

The latter had been extremely successful, as the machine ground the cocoa beans, as well as making the chocolate, and had been exported from Scotland to more than 140 countries worldwide.

Both McIntyre and Ladco were acquired by global chocolate equipment specialist Probat of Germany in July 2013. Post-sale, Probat reorganised all its component manufacturing in one division, and Stuart was appointed to help drive sales.

Probat then acquired another business making crushing equipment for cocoa beans, and today is now the only supplier in the world offering a one-stop shop for the chocolate industry – from cocoa beans to a finished bar of chocolate. Today, Stuart is still with Ladco.

Americans invest in Linlithgow to seal deal

Linlithgow aerospace and defence supplier Fasteq was sold to US group Haas International in 2014, after an intense bidding war.

Haas itself was taken over the following year by Wesco International, and Fasteq is now known as Wesco Aircraft EMEA.

Co-founder John Ward said: “We were far more excited by the way BCMS creates a market, and after approaching 200-plus companies, we had 60 expressions of interest.

“It was like speed-dating, meeting all these potential buyers.”

Today, John is an investor and Sales Director for an aerospace chemical fastenings manufacturer in Birmingham, and also owns a craft brewery.

See what John had to say in this on-demand webinar How to prepare for an unexpected offer on your business, filmed at one of our live expert panel events.






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Posted Aug 2017
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