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Rugby Legend Gavin Hastings lights up BCMS business owners conference

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It must be something in the water. Every time we run an event in Glasgow – fast becoming one of my favourite cities – it seems to be a huge success. Last night was no different. In conjunction with our friends at Rathbones and MacRoberts, BCMS hosted an evening of enlightening discussion, debate, networking, and excellent Scottish cuisine. All topped off with dessert: a brilliant presentation from a gentleman and true giant of sport – Mr Gavin Hastings OBE.

The scene was pretty special too. 1599 is the conference venue of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow – a gloriously historic building in St Vincent Street, the seat of many Scottish world firsts in medicine and science. The college is a reminder in bricks, mortar and beautiful panelled walls of Scottish ingenuity and achievement down the years. Pride in Scotland was a key theme of Gavin’s speech, too, as the former Scotland and Lions rugby captain spoke with passion about his nation’s obsession with self-deprecatiion – and his hatred of that limiting phrase, “Scotland is a nation punching above its weight.”

Here is a man who detests any kind negativity and who fully believes in the power of positive thinking. Gavin recalled one of his proudest achievements was to captain the British &  Irish Lions – a triumph of cohesion of very different players from different nations, uniting with one common goal: smash the Kiwis. Now that’s good leadership!

The theme of teamship chimed with every attendee, who had already been treated to presentations from Rathbones' Angus Kerr, BCMS Founder Dave Rebbettes on the key principles of business sales, and corporate lawyer Michael Kelly of MacRoberts. Michael spoke eloquently on the importance in any sale transaction of having a back line of experienced and specialist advisors, each experts in their respective fields.

I hosted a short open Q&A session with a panel comprised of three former BCMS clients, and my colleague Mark Sapsford. Alongside Neil Needham were two relatively new BCMS fellows making their panel debuts: Kenneth Munro of W Munro and Stephanie Staubach of TMS.

Kenneth was brilliant on the challenges of selling a long-established family business. Stephanie spoke with passion on the tribulations of starting and growing a company, explaining why a sale transaction was the very best way to take her business to the next level. Stephanie has stayed on as MD, enjoying the improved work/life balance and opportunities the sale has brought the business.

All in all, a terrific night. We’ll be running more events like these in 2020. Next time, it would be great to have you there.


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Posted Oct 2019
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