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The personal touch counts when it comes to business divestment

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You’ll have read elsewhere that the M&A market is buoyant: we at BCMS recently completed 11 deals in one calendar month, one of the most intensive periods of activity since I co-founded the advisory in 1989.

Many M&A commentators talk at a macro-level, overlooking one key market driver. For many business owners, selling is a personal decision, driven by personal factors.

Each week I have the pleasure of speaking to up to 150 business owners at the BCMS seminar programme, where we share our experience of a quarter-century of deal-making. The entrepreneurial owners I meet are seeking exit for a variety of reasons, including change of lifestyle, other business interests, and retirement. For many, Monday mornings are not what they used to be, and they find themselves at a crossroads.

Overwhelmingly our clients are owner-managers, who understand that it takes a specialist deal team of dedicated researchers, analysts and negotiators to secure the best deal and terms for the company they have built from scratch. “We were flat-out running the business, and didn’t have time to do the research and preparation BCMS undertook, which was phenomenal,” said one client, who sold to Countrywide plc in 2014. Phenomenal? Even after 25 years, I do like that word…

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Posted Dec 2014
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