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"I would never have approached the company that bought me…"

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Anyone who has ever attended a BCMS masterclass – or met us at a networking event – will know that we are always stressing the importance of looking far and wide when researching potential acquirers in any business sale.

Our 25-strong research team here is employed with one goal in mind: to generate a ‘research list’ of buyers for our clients. This would, of course, include all the credible major trade acquirers in the market, and those with a track records of acquisitions.

But crucially, we also look beyond the obvious acquirer: exploring potential synergies, understanding market moves, identifying the wildcards, and profiling the ‘possibles’ as well as the ‘probables’.

Because we are in daily contact with the marketplace of buyers, speaking personally to a range of businesses, we’re always updating our in-house databases with new intelligence – the kind of gems not available in the public domain. For us good research is not just about numbers, or even thinking outside the box. It’s about creating a landscape.

Does that sound like an empty claim? One former client, Andrew Sesemann, told us at first he thought this was “just marketing speak”. In his words: “I was told there was a good chance I could sell to a company I had never heard of. In an industry like ours, I thought that was impossible. And yet I did. In my first sale with BCMS, I would never have approached the company that finally bought me.”

Andrew’s not alone. Many of our clients are genuinely surprised by the companies we profile on their behalf. We’re lucky enough to maintain ‘post-sale’ relationships with former clients who have successfully sold. As you can see in this video, filmed at a recent BCMS Fellows event, they are pretty good advocates for the importance of a comprehensive research list. As Dr Alisa Miller says, the research we did for her medical communications company was “mind-blowing”.

I’m not sure if that qualifies as “marketing speak”. But it’s a pretty strong endorsement!

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Posted Mar 2017
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