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Family matters when selling a business

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Last week we filmed a series of video testimonials with business owners who sold their company through BCMS.

I always love hearing how business owners have founded and grown their companies - and then arrived at the decision to sell. For me, it is genuinely exciting listening to people animatedly describe their new ventures, hobbies, holidays – new experiences made possible because of the time (and relative wealth!) they now have at their disposal.

And you’d be surprised at the diversity of projects business owners take on.

“These days, I’m mostly doing property development and investing,” one former client told us. “I’m involved in three companies building 75 new homes…”

And this from a man who ran a business in the food sector!

But what really made me proud of the service we provide was realising how these former clients are using their newly acquired time for what really matters: family.

Everyone we interviewed made a point about the extra time they now spend with children, parents, grandchildren, spouses and friends. As one former client said:

I’ve got back time with my family since selling. We sold at a time both my children were starting GCSEs and A-levels – and we’ve been able to spend great time together at an important moment.

Others made the point about being able to connect with elderly relatives, “something people my age generally miss out on”.

I know many people look at business owners who have successfully sold and think how lucky they are. What many do not realise is how hard they have had to work to achieve that ‘luck’, and what sacrifices were made along the way.

The series of videos will be available soon and I will post an update when they are online.

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Posted Apr 2016
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