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An extraordinary woman leader: BCMS Israel’s CEO Hilit Ben-Zvi

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I’m not one for chasing accolades – but when they come to you, that’s a different matter.

Recently, one of our colleagues at BCMS Israel, Hilit Ben-Zvi, was recognised as an extraordinary woman leader in a prominent Israeli publication, Haaretz.

It’s a great tribute, both for Hilit and for BCMS as a global business. Hilit may be 3,000 miles away, working with different clients in a different language, but her focus is the same as everyone at BCMS across the world– getting the right outcome for our clients:

Hilit has taken BCMS’ Four Pillars concept to heart and is passionately spreading the word to the entrepreneurs she meets and works with.

What are these Four Pillars? When it comes to a business sale, you need to be proactive, sell the future, look far and wide for buyers and create genuine competition amongst them.

That might sound obvious. But our thinking has proved ground-breaking and disruptive in the M&A industry, and not just in the UK. As Hilit’s award shows, these core principles are applicable all around the world, in every sector.

The real achievement: working with clients

It says a lot about Hilit as a person that she had to do some soul searching before she decided to accept the accolade: “It took me a few weeks to decide whether to be featured in the magazine. Not because I don’t believe it’s important, but because I believe that the real achievement is the real-life success with our clients. The most rewarding part of my role at BCMS is the end point – to see the client’s appreciation and gratitude for driving a successful sale.”

When we interviewed her recently, Hilit talked passionately about what drives her.

“My achievement is based on three main factors. First, it must come from within: personal ambition, desire and constantly striving for success. Secondly, working with others. I believe that partnership with BCMS Israel CEO Doron Ephrati and the wider team, and a deep connection to the goals and objectives of the organisation has led us to growth. And finally – most crucially – concentrating on the client’s needs. Managing the company with a strong client-orientated vision is the key to a successful outcome.”

Finding the right working balance

It’s not easy to make a mark in M&A – traditionally a male dominated industry. When asked what advice she’d like to give to other women in business, her reply is simple:

“I believe that women should strive and realise themselves just like men, regardless of their occupation. Women can and should embrace every facet of what the world can offer them. The most important factor is surrounding yourself with a strong support network. Mine includes my understanding and supporting spouse and family.”

I’m immensely proud of Hilit and her achievements, but her #1 fan is someone far more important. “The person most excited by this recognition is my mother!”



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Posted May 2019
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