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The expert view: how do you value a business?

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From business valuation calculators to downloadable PDF guides, the internet is awash with quick fixes to help business owners value a company. You can understand why. “How much is my business worth?” is often the first thing clients ask BCMS when we first meet them.

So, this is an issue we thought we’d tackle head-on in the latest of our acclaimed webinar series: How do you value a business?, which is now available to view on demand. In this 50-minute session, our experts Bob Goldsmith (President and CEO, BCMS North America) and James Pugh (Director, BCMS Corporate Finance) offer insights, tips and analysis from their own past deal experiences, and explain the finer details of the business of valuation – and what really counts when it comes to a sale.

From multiples of past profit to other sector-specific formulas, this webinar explores the wide range of traditional desktop valuation methods that buyers (and indeed some M&A advisors) use when giving you a ballpark valuation figure. That figure, though, won't take into account deal structure, deal terms, and ultimately what’s right for you, or right for the buyer.

The best deal and the highest price are not always the same thing – and BCMS never takes a client to market with a pricetag, as anyone who's attended our Masterclass will already know.

This is an informative, straight-talking session –  and you can download a range of additional resources for free during the webinar. If you want to know how a buyer might value your business, How do you value a business? is the perfect place to start.

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Posted May 2018
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