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The biggest M&A advisor you've never heard of

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Whatever your field, the best recognition is third-party recognition. I love it when a client independently praises our work in preparing their company for sale, or when an acquirer compliments us on our approach to negotiation. But pure market data takes some beating, too, and when it comes to M&A analysis, business intelligence provider Bureau van Dijk is hugely respected organisation – the very best kind of third party.

With that in mind, I am delighted to announce that BCMS has topped the global sell-side advisor rankings, as reported by Bureau Van Dijk’s Zephyr database.

BCMS is listed as the world’s No 1 sell-side advisor to privately owned companies for 2014 by deal volume – on deal types that include acquisitions, MBIs and MBOs. Under these criteria, we rank above all the high-profile international financial services corporates; not bad for an advisor headquartered in the Thames Valley countryside.

As sell-side-only SME advisors, we have emerged in pole position for completed transactions after a highly successful year in the sub-£100m deal market. We’ve completed 74 deals internationally, including some high profile transactions in a huge variety of sectors across the globe. Tech, manufacturing, retail, energy, media, consultancy… Whatever the sector, our experienced deal teams have delivered.

When you consider that around a third of our completions have been cross-border deals - with the added complexity that brings to transactions - that makes it even more remarkable that a family-owned firm ranks as the global No 1, against some of the biggest names in the financial sector.

What a great way to start 2015!

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Posted Jan 2015
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