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New SaaS software session one of 20 webinars available free and on-demand

There’s a new addition to the comprehensive on-demand BCMS webinar library. In a first for the webinar series, it is dedicated entirely to one specific industry vertical: SaaS software.

Selling A Software Business: An Insider’s Guide is a straight-talking 30-minute session, designed to bust some of the widely held myths about SaaS software transactions. The webinar explores in depth how SaaS businesses are valued, what buyers are looking for, and which factors can make or break a transaction. Register and watch for free right here.

The advice here is drawn from real-life software deal case studies, as two experienced BCMS Advisors lift the lid on their recent software transactions. BCMS’ Andy Denny and Douglas Edmunds draw out the themes in many software M&A deals, from buyer motivation and key selling points, to the importance of scalability, IP, recurring revenues and customer retention.

A huge online library: 12+ hours of M&A insights

This is the very first ‘sector-specific’ webinar we have filmed, and more will follow in 2019. As it stands, there are now 20 different webinars, offering over 12 hours of specific business sale advice, available free and on-demand for business owners.

Each session covers a different aspect of the business sale process, from business valuation and understanding M&A jargon to the challenges of legal Due Diligence, and understanding the complexities of post-sale Earn Outs.

We know from client feedback that BCMS webinars have proved invaluable in gaining an understanding of some of the fundamental aspects of any M&A transaction. The fact that they can be watched on demand has proved an added bonus for business owners. As one viewer said: “Excellent… I can watch this anytime, anywhere.”

Each webinar is of course free to watch, and a one-time registration gives you access to all 20 webinars. Every session is accompanied by a range of downloads and useful supporting information, specifically tailored to the subject under discussion.

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Posted Jul 2019
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