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BCMS tops global deal tables for 2015 so far, with deals up 41%

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Great news for BCMS and its SME clients across the world, as the volume of M&A activity continues to rise. According to data disclosed to the highly respected Bureau van Dijk database, BCMS is the world’s top deal-maker by deals completed in the first six months of 2015 – ahead of the biggest names in corporate finance.

I am delighted that for the first six months of 2015 BCMS has continued to build and improve on our exceptional performance in 2014. But most gratifying of all is the fact that we have consistently delivered positive results for clients across the world, across a huge variety of sectors
BCMS founding director Dave Rebbettes

The data – which ranks advisors to privately owned companies by number of deals* – shows BCMS is the most prolific advisor of its type, building on last year’s No 1 ranking in the same database. 

Whatever the sector, activity in the SME market is strong: BCMS has reported a 41% rise in deals registered with Zephyr against David Rebbettes, Founding Director of BCMS the same period last year, with technology, manufacturing and engineering, and retail and distribution the most active industries. BCMS is continuing to handle a wide range of deal types for its clients, including trade acquisitions, MBOs, MBIs and sales to private equity. 

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Posted Jul 2015
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