Referring your clients to BCMS

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BCMS runs a national partner referral programme with selected third-party advisors. We currently work with a wide range of advisory organisations, including accountancy firms, business mentors, training and development consultants, lawyers, wealth managers and more, all of whom refer to clients to BCMS on a regular basis.

Our role as a partner is to provide referral fees to professional practices who are able to accept such. However, we are also eager to help you in your advisory capacity – to assist you in keeping up to date with the key issues involved in M&A transactions. We can help to bridge a possible gap in your expertise when it comes to discussing business sale and/or investment options, and succession and exit planning.

To do this, we offer a wide range of information, brochures, and access to our national events programme. We hold partnering events where you can learn more about the BCMS Partnering Programme, and we can also assist as expert guest speakers at events you may be running.

For a face-to-face discussion on how we can work together, or simply to find out more, email us at or call us on 0118 207 9800.


What are the benefits to you?

There are strategic advantages and benefits. As a BCMS referrer, you will be able to offer value-added services to your existing clients, in the form of business sale insights, information and M&A advice. There are financial advantages, in the form of our fee-share scheme, for every client you refer who subsequently chooses to engage BCMS as their business sale advisor. As an FCA-regulated business, we ensure all our relationships with referrers are fully transparent.

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What our referring partners say

“We have regular conversations with clients around their exit strategy from a business, and if a sale is a possibility we will invite them to a BCMS event to understand the process in more detail. This is not a hard sell and BCMS recognise that it might be many years until the business is ready to start the sale process.

We would thoroughly recommend a partnership with BCMS to any advisor who works closely with businesses. It really has been a really important partnership for HSC, and allowed us to do the best by our clients.”

Tom Bowen FCCA CTA, Director, Hilton Sharp & Clarke