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To help business owners adapt to the huge challenges brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve developed some new resources, including advice and insight from our former clients, The BCMS Fellows.

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March 2020

Only other business owners can truly know what you’re going through right now. We have a network of over 200 former clients – known as the BCMS Fellows – and many have kindly offered to provide advice and support and a friendly ear at this time.

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Who are BCMS?

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We typically represent companies with an enterprise value between £1m and £100m, although 2016 saw our corporate finance team complete our largest-ever deal, the $485m sale of Allworld Exhibitions to UBM plc. In the last decade alone, we have completed over 600 successful transactions internationally, to a huge range of acquirer and investor types, from large listed companies, to Private Equity, private investors and management teams.

BCMS was founded by the Rebbettes family in Kingsclere, near Newbury, UK in 1989. We now employ 260 staff in offices across the world, including continental Europe, North America, Australia, Hong Kong, and the Gulf – and we are still proudly family owned.

As specialist business sale advisors, BCMS works in every conceivable sector, from software engineering to utilities, healthcare to heavy industry. Our pioneering business sale approach involves profiling a wide range of acquirers around the world, delivering choice, competition and better deal values for our clients.

Like many business owners, you have probably often wondered: “How much is my business worth?” Some advisors offer a business valuation calculator. We don’t – and we never put a value on your business  – because we know that you only discover how much your business is worth by actively researching the best buyers, generating real competition, and putting the onus on buyers to value your business. Selling your company is the most important business deal of your life, and there are simply no short cuts.

For those seeking information, advice and insights on selling a business, we offer a wide range of free resources, including business sale guides, business webinars, ebooks and more. These are supported by client testimonials, client interviews and videos, and a searchable success gallery of our M&A deals and completions. We also run a nationwide programme of free business owner events, including M&A seminars/masterclasses, roundtables, and informative panel events, often featuring former clients, and run in conjunction with our M&A partners.

Your journey to a successful sale starts here. Contact BCMS today to find out how we can help you discover your full range of options.

Important note: BCMS only represents clients looking to sell a business. However, if you are looking to buy a business, we welcome you to contact us with your specific requirements.