BCMS: partnering with EOS Worldwide

Who are we?

​BCMS is an employee-owned corporate finance advisor. We’re all about partnering with, supporting and advising ambitious business owners considering their succession planning, growth and exit strategies, and we have an incredible track record built over decades.

In short, we help businesses build value ahead of a business sale transaction, and maximise it when the right time comes to sell. We can help ambitious shareholders to define, shape and maximise the value in their company – up to and beyond a business sale.

What’s the connection with EOS?

We met EOS as we both co-sponsor the Vistage network for entrepreneurs. We got chatting and realised there are significant synergies between the brilliant work done across the EOS Worldwide networks and our specialist advisory services here at BCMS. In fact, we like the EOS system so much, we’re implementing it ourselves!

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EOS x BCMS: how we dovetail

  • EOS is a fantastic methodology for an entrepreneur scaling towards an exit event; and at BCMS we can build on the work you’re already doing with your EOS implementers
  • Buyers and investors love a well-managed, well-administered, data-driven business – and your work on scorecards, measurables and IDS will be a huge advantage in advance of a sale
  • BCMS will help you to look at your business from the buyer perspective, define the elements that add real value, and present you in the best possible light
  • If you are ready to sell in the short term, BCMS will prepare you for the sale process, manage a full competitive sale process on your behalf, and support you at all times
  • If you’re thinking longer term, our Value Driver consultancy service will help you build and shape value ahead of a sale

We can help you map your market, reduce your risk, and gain the certainty of being able to sell for the best possible price and terms when the right time comes.

At BCMS, we love EOS so much, we’re implementing it ourselves!

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