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Sell your company on the most favorable terms and prices

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BCMS is a global group with 27 years, ranked among the 50 most powerful M & A companies in the world by 'Upslide'. BCMS was recently honored with the largest number of completed transactions worldwide in the small and medium business community. BCMS is 100% dedicated to sell-side mandates working for business owners and shareholders who wish to identify strong "strategic and financial" buyers.

Strong entry in Portugal

BCMS operates from 22 offices worldwide with staff across 5 continents. In 2016 BCMS sold two high profile companies in Portugal. Both projects were managed by the Swiss office of the group, working together with the local legal teams in an integrated, coordinated and continuous international approach.

Both transactions assured international buyers, having generated multiple offers in the domestic and international markets. Potential buyers were proactively identified and approached on every continent, via an award-winning, complete and coordinated tactical approach, to sell each company to the most relevant buyers. Without full exploitation of the international market, buyers will not be aware that your business is available for purchase. Each company obtained more than 25 "confidentiality agreements" resulting in a positive position as the final time came to negotiate the value, terms, and exit options.

James Everitt is an entrepreneur living in Portugal since 2000, having recently joined BCMS Switzerland as a non-executive Director.

"In 2016 I sold one of my own nationally recognized companies using the unique BCMS process designed to ensure the most favorable offers on the international market, which is why BCMS has access to more than 150 million independent groups and companies worldwide. BCMS can identify, contact and address key decision makers in a much larger number of potential buyers than many of its competitors, which is what attracted me to its services.Through its global research centers, BCMS will build a list of 100 to 250 potential relevant buyers.This approach significantly broadens the pool of potential buyers beyond the local market.Through a 'private' approach to many buyers, BCMS will generate multiple offers, allowing Owners to select the offer that is most favorable to them, as well as finding the best home for the Employees.

In the case of my own company, BCMS 'unique approach has generated multiple stakeholders, both national and international, which have resulted in an excellent result for me, my team and buyers. By working closely with the BCMS team in selling my own company, I now intend to present to Portuguese owners and shareholders one of the most dynamic M & A teams in the world, consistently recognized for completing more business with multiples superior to its competitors. BCMS services are applicable to companies seeking to take the next important step in development by seeking to become part of a larger group with the ability to grow the business, or for owners who wish to leave the business and start other activities.

If you are thinking of selling your business, hiring BCMS is the best option to ensure you get the most favorable terms and prices. 

Client Size

BCMS services apply to companies generating a turnover of between €10 million and €500 million. The company’s most recent deal was approximately €500 million Companies with a turnover of less than €10 million are considered on a case by case or sector by sector basis, and it is advisable having a discussion with one of our experienced advisors.   

Local as well as international buyers  

BCMS has a Portuguese speaking team, however as a global group most projects across different jurisdictions are managed by local as well as international teams in a completely integrated approach. This means that you can leverage BCMS strength as a global player. BCMS can engage with potential buyers across Portugal, Europe and the rest of the world. The company provides local presence albeit with a truly international reach, working collaboratively with its clients to achieve their goals within what can be described as an exhaustive approach to finding the right buyers.

Meet with us

We are currently in the process of meeting with company owners in Portugal. Should you be interested in meeting with members of our international and local team to discuss how BCMS can help you identify global buyers, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to set up a meeting locally or to provide conference call details for an initial discussion. 

Contact details:

Beatriz Fonseca, Executive Assistant

t: +351 3088 11001


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Posted May 2017
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