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CNN Money Switzerland interviews BCMS Executive Partner, Florian Lachat

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Florian Lachat is recognised as one of the leading business strategists in Switzerland, a country that is consistently, ranked top of the class in the World Economic Forum (WEF)’s Global Competitiveness Index. From 1998 to 2001, Florian served in Geneva and Zurich as a Senior Consultant at global consulting firm Arthur Andersen. In 2009, Florian also became a winner of the prestigious Swiss Speed & Motor Racing Hill Climbing Championship. His flair for business led to developing one of the most famous of swiss products, the new & award winning Swiza Swiss army knife. Florian previously owned and sold his family's multi-site asphalt and stone manufacturing business to an international group ultimately securing several competitive bids. Florian has since held key Board & Advisory positions at several Swiss groups including a twelve-year tenure on the board of one of the most important cantonal state banks, in a world-class region famous for the Swiss watchmaking industry, microtechnology and machine tools.

Throughout his career Florian has been active in M&A. Today he works in daily partnership with the Swiss office of BCMS. In August 2018 Florian and his relationship with BCMS were the subject of an interview with CNNMoney Switzerland, a nationwide TV channel dedicated to business news for and about Switzerland. To watch an extract from the interview please click here.

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Posted Sep 2018
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