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UK M&A Surges

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So far this year, the number of deals that have been signed and sealed by at least one UK party has more than doubled, according to Thomson Financial.

UK M&A has increased by 164% to a four-year high of £54bn ($86bn) from £19.9bn ($32.5bn) for the same period last year. Firms hoarding cash, struggling to raise finance and postponing asset sales because of low valuations are thought to be behind the decline in deal volumes.

"Banks are more willing to lend and rising asset prices mean companies are happier to sell," said Henry Jackson, managing partner of OpCapita, a London investment firm.

You can read the full article on the Guardian website.

We've definitely seen a positive surge in interest in Mergers and Acquisitions at BCMS Corporate as there's increasing demand as businesses seek growth in the UK marketplace.

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Posted Mar 2011
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