Sandy Royden

Associate Partner

Sandy is a pharmacist by profession. Having spent 15 years in the pharma industry, Sandy has since spent 20 years in pharma services.

After five years as European CEO of Huntsworth Health, Sandy left to set up OPEN Health. She succeeded in growing OPEN Health, through a mixture of organic growth, investment and acquisition, from four people to >1,000 people and revenues of just under $200m.

Sandy has significant experience of M&A, leading and completing >10 deals at OPEN Health, and reviewing well over 100 opportunities!

Expertise and experience

  • European CEO Huntsworth Health
  • Global COO OPEN Health
  • Development & implementation of global M&A strategy
  • Experience of public, private and PE investors
  • Direct experience of buying and selling businesses
  • Experienced in effective integration of agencies within a larger global entity
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