The four pillars of BCMS

BCMS has been trading since 1989, and in that time the market for business sales has changed significantly — in terms of the range of deal types, the structure of deals and the profile of buyers and sellers. Some things don't change, however.

Regardless of sector, size and location, there are four core principles involved in every single business sale. These fundamental 'pillars' are behind everything we do for our clients, and our tailored approach has been defined, developed and refined over the course of hundreds of successful deals.


Pillar 1

You've got to be proactive

The best buyers rarely come to you directly. Selling a business is essentially a sales and marketing discipline, so you need to define the opportunity your business represents to the market, and then make direct, personal contact with a wide range of acquirer/investor organisations.

How we do this

BCMS employs a team of skilled communications professionals, whose sole role is to get through to senior decision-makers. Confidentiality is key here, and all potential acquirers are secured under a binding Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before specific details of your business (including your company's name) are revealed. We have a dedicated marketing team who produce all key documentation for our clients, such as the Information Memorandum, which captures all the key acquisition benefits and competitive advantages of your business.



Dedicated callers

Each making


Outgoing calls per day






Acquirers Globally


Pillar 2

You've got to sell the future

The major driver behind all business sales, regardless of sector or deal type, is the potential for growth. The most important financial data is therefore not the profit you posted last year, or the year before last. It's your future financial performance, and the value-added benefits to an acquirer that buying your business will bring.

How we do this

In-house qualified accountants prepare detailed financial analysis for each and every client, entailing three years of detailed forecasting, profit planning, and analysis of all key commercial and sales data. Where appropriate, we'll explore the synergies with interested acquirers/investors. This process clearly and credibly demonstrates the future potential for your business under their management.








Pillar 3

You've got to look far and wide

M&A is a global industry, where the best buyers are those with clear strategic motivation to acquire. These buyers could be located across the country, or even across the globe. Likewise, they may be operating in different business areas to you - perhaps a complementary sector. Equally, they may be a very different organisation, in a very different field, changing their business strategy to focus on your market.

How we do this

Research! We have access to millions of company records, but our key differentiator is our in-house database, updated hourly with live market intelligence captured from constant contact with the global market of acquirers. Acquiring companies share their precise acquisition criteria with us daily, and we have access to unique data not available in the public domain. It's no coincidence that, typically, 1 in 4 of BCMS clients sell to an overseas acquirer — and that's significantly ahead of the industry average. And as this video shows, BCMS clients are regularly surprised at the identity of their ultimate acquirer.




Thousands of potential acquirers

Advanced market intelligence


Pillar 4

You've got to create competition

Choice is an absolute must in any business sale. To get the best value, deal terms and structure when selling, you need multiple potential acquirers at the deal table. Negotiating with just one buyer means they have control over the sale process. It means they're winning a one-horse race, and they know it!

How we do this

Having researched, contacted and alerted potential acquirers, our skilled deal teams manage subsequent negotiations, coaching you how to behave in the vital deal meetings. We generate a marketplace for your business, and create a competitive environment within that market. We set deadlines, keep buyers to a defined timetable, control the momentum, and make it clear to buyers that there are other interested parties in the frame. We assess offers, and prepare counter-offers. We are able to generate an increase - or 'uplift' - on offers, and multiple options so you can choose the best-fit acquirer, and the right deal for you.


Speaking to


Interested acquirers


Multiple offers

Per project



Uplift on the lowest offer