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Utrecht IT consultancy 5W teams up with investors

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Dutch investor Intersaction Ventures has acquired one of the Netherland’s most highly skilled IT consultancies, in a deal advised by BCMS.

Utrecht-based consultancy 5W Storage Services, the specialist solutions and service provider for data protection and security has teamed up with Dutch investors Intersaction Ventures and IT industry specialist investors Robert Pijselman and Luc Brandts to further grow and build the company.

5W is active in the areas of design and management of IT infrastructure, mobile data security, and back-up and recovery of data and systems (disaster-recovery-as-a-service or DRAAS).

In the past 10 years the company has built a leading position with blue chip customers in its core market. In addition, 5W has used its specialist knowledge about data protection and security to develop specific services that it delivers to its SME customers.

Ferdi Koperdraad, co-founder and shareholder of 5W: "With the invaluable help and support of BCMS we’ve found the right partners with the knowledge, experience and personal fit to help us realise our growth ambitions for the coming years".

David Ward, co-founder and shareholder of 5W: "“BCMS expertly navigated us through the many pit falls of the mergers and acquisitions process, guiding us each step of the way to finding a partner which understood and shared our vision for 5W’s continued success into the future”.

BCMS Deal Leader Derk Kropholler said: “This is a rare opportunity to back one of the most experienced teams in the Dutch IT sector at a time when cloud-based services are growing at a phenomenal rate.

“Although we attracted interest from across Europe and Asia, Intersaction Ventures quickly understood the future potential of 5W, and we feel the two parties are a great fit together.”

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Posted Apr 2017
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