The BCMS and ActionCOACH relationship

Why partner with BCMS?

Partnering with BCMS will help you to deliver successful outcomes for clients who own a business and are considering their exit and succession plans. In the first instance, we assist you in providing sound, market-leading insights for your clients as they approach the biggest business decision of their lives.

“I knew my clients needed an advisor who could offer not just technical expertise, but hands-on guidance and support. BCMS guided them through the whole sale process” –  Helen Pethybridge, ActionCOACH Chilterns Central

Established in 1989, BCMS is a specialist Mergers & Acquisitions advisor. We work exclusively with shareholders of privately owned businesses looking to sell all or part of their business. BCMS has successfully advised on over 1,000 business sale transactions since our inception, making us one of the leading dealmakers.

We are a sell-side advisor only, which means BCMS works exclusively with vendor clients looking to sell or seek investment – and never on behalf of third-party buyers or investors. At BCMS, there are no conflicts of interest.

BCMS and ActionCOACH – case study

There’s significant synergy between our organisations.

Helen Pethybridge, ActionCOACH Chilterns Central, explains how we worked together: “My clients RPS engaged me as their coach specifically to help them get ready to sell their business and retire. There was very little in place when we started, so at the end of the 6 steps review it was a no-brainer decision for them. Over the next years we gradually put in place sales processes, people processes, upgraded staff and systems, introduced financial and business planning, always with a view to the end goal of selling. I introduced them to BCMS by taking them to one of their events (pre Covid!) about preparing for sale, which really supported what we were doing ON their business. They had an initial meeting and after investigating a couple of other options, ultimately decided that BCMS were the right people to partner with on their sale.

“I knew they needed an advisor who could offer not just technical expertise, but hands-on guidance and support as neither of the owners had sold a business before. BCMS guided them through the whole process and helped them secure the best possible outcome – a sale to a NASDAQ-listed US business. Whilst this business was already well known to the owners, they were very grateful the negotiating was done via a third party – and were confident they got a much better deal as a result. As a referring partner, we also shared in BCMS’ ultimate success fee, creating a genuine a win-win-win relationship.”

What are the benefits?

  • Value-added M&A advice for your clients
  • On-hand succession and exit planning expertise
  • Revenue generation via fee share for your business

There are strategic advantages. You will be able to offer value-added services to your existing clients, in the form of useful insights, information and advice. You will be able to assist your clients in their goal of securing the best outcomes for themselves, their business and their staff. Ultimately, you will be instrumental in helping them in their decision-making, because you can be confident BCMS will advise them on the right time to sell, explore the market of potential acquirers, and work exclusively on their behalf to drive the best deal possible, at the best price – whichever sector they operate in.

In addition, there are financial advantages to your organisation, in the form of our fee-share scheme. For every client you refer to BCMS who goes on to engage us as their advisor and successfully transact, we pay you 7.5% of our success fee.

Successful transactions with ActionCOACH clients include:

RPS sold to Stratasys

RPS sold to NASDAQ listed Stratasys

Sentry Doors sold to Cairngorm Capital

Sentry Doors sold to Cairngorm Capital

Making an introduction

Liz Jackson MBE
It is never too early to get us involved in a conversation with a client. Our relationship often starts five or even ten years before a transaction happens. These early conversations enable us, and you, to help the shareholders understand what characteristics drive value in their business and will make the difference when the time comes to sell.

To start the conversation about one of your clients, please contact:

Liz Jackson MBE
Sales and Marketing Director

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