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BCMS is an employee-owned business – and we believe we are a very different kind of corporate finance advisor. This applies not only to the way we deliver our service for our clients, but to our working culture and ethos as a business. We aim to create enduring positive outcomes for our clients, our employees and the community at large.

An inclusive employer, our values are simple. We believe in integrity, fairness, and respect to all. We aim to strike a balance between the highest levels of professionalism and technical expertise, and a friendly, progressive, open-door environment. In short, we want to be a fun and rewarding place to work, creating opportunity and developing our staff to be the very best they can be.  As co-owners, all BCMS staff have a stake in the success and direction of the business.

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We welcome speculative enquiries. If you are interested in working for BCMS, or wish to find out about our apprentice or graduate schemes, please do contact us.

What’s it like to work here? BCMS staff explain our working culture

A pioneering business since 1989

​In terms of working culture, we have taken our lead from our founders. BCMS is at heart a family business, established by Brian, Steve and Dave Rebbettes in 1989. Like our clients, the Rebbettes are entrepreneurs, and, interestingly, the company owes its very origins to a business sale transaction.

In attempting to find a buyer for their previous business, the Rebbettes appointed one of the traditional, major-name M&A advisors. The experience was so deflating, and the buyer list and deal negotiations so poorly executed, that Brian, Steve and Dave decided to handle the sale process themselves. What they learnt – that selling a business is a sales and marketing exercise, and you must proactively create competition to secure the best outcome – influences our approach to this day.

This pioneering spirit, proactive attitude, lateral thinking, and commitment to giving back still underpins everything we do at BCMS.

In July 2022, we became the first Corporate Finance advisor to become majority employee owned, under an Employment Ownership Trust (EOT) model.

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