BCMS and Philanthropy

BCMS started life as a family business, first established in 1989 by Brian, Steve and Dave Rebbettes. Like its founders, BCMS is an entrepreneurial business, welcoming new ideas and ways of working. Taking our lead from the Rebbettes family, we have a culture of respect, we encourage colleagues at all levels to develop to their full potential, and we have a clear, ongoing commitment to ‘giving back’.

As a business, BCMS has a long history of supporting philanthropic causes. In 2004, the Rebbettes established a charitable foundation, The Snowdrop Foundation, registered charity number 1093474.

This charity was founded with a simple aim: to give opportunity and support to the most vulnerable in society. Assisting sites in Kakinada, India and closer to home in the UK, the trust focuses on supporting orphaned children, widows, and young mothers or mothers-to-be. The Foundation is a way to reduce hardship and build a brighter future for those that need it most.

As part of its commitment to charitable causes, BCMS makes a monthly contribution from business revenues to the Foundation.

The Snowdrop Foundation logo
Students at St Mark's School, Kakinada

BCMS’ support helped to establish St Mark’s School in Kakinada, India in 2004

Two pupils from St Mark's School

St Mark’s School and beyond

The Snowdrop Foundation has provided assistance to a number of initiatives both in the UK and overseas. It has supported the construction of the three-storey St Mark’s School in Kakinada, India, which educates over 500 children from the lowest tier of Indian society.

The school gives these children a very real opportunity to make positive changes to their own lives and those of their families and communities. Since 2004, St Mark’s School has educated thousands of children from the poorest communities, many of whom are now forging a life of their own – moving on to further education, including university, and employment.

Additionally, the Foundation has provided financial aid to support the construction of a much-needed orphanage in Bangalore, one of the poorest cities in India. The orphanage provides safety, shelter and comfort to abandoned and orphaned children, ranging from 3 to 10 years old. Funds from the Foundation have also been used to establish a project in a village in North India. This aims to support the villagers to develop their own farming business, so they can create a sustainable future for generations to come.

The Coronavirus outbreak has had a particularly devasting impact on vulnerable communities, so supporting the Foundation’s work is more important now than ever. To find out more about the work of the Foundation, and how you can help, please contact us.

Vara Prasad, Principal of St Mark’s, explains the school’s positive impact on the community through the years

For us, charity isn’t a gimmick or a trend;
it’s been part of the DNA of BCMS since the start

Jonathan Dunn


Volunteer work: the DNA of BCMS

BCMS staff are also actively encouraged to engage in volunteer work. Our 30th anniversary year in 2019 saw BCMS send a team of colleague volunteers to India to work with the orphanage and school and see first-hand the astonishing, positive impact the charity has made on people’s lives.

Sam Rebbettes, who led the trip, recalls: “Not only did the BCMS team make a valuable contribution to the children’s learning, but they each embraced challenges that took them out of their comfort zone. It’s a great joy to see them bring that attitude back to the business – and additionally act as ambassadors, committed to continuing the work of the Foundation.”

At BCMS, we believe supporting charitable causes positively influences personal and professional development of all staff. Away from the work of the Foundation, BCMS colleagues are encouraged to engage in volunteer days. Other charities recently supported include Myeloma UK, Newbury Cancer Care, The Safe, RSPCA Equine Centre and St Michael’s Hospice.

As CEO Jonathan Dunn says: “For us, charity isn’t a gimmick or a trend; it’s been part of the DNA of BCMS since the start. Staff appreciate that it’s a real opportunity to change lives in a way that benefits those in society who are much less fortunate than ourselves.”

BCMS team outside St Mark's School after an afternoon of painting

A team of BCMS employees visited St Mark’s in 2019, our 30th anniversary year as a business

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